Having Trouble With Your Audio/Video Equipment?

We'll take care of the problem for you

If you have a home theater system, you know it's easy for things to go wrong. There's a lot of complicated equipment to take care of, and it gets confusing quickly. That's why you should call a professional when you experience problems with your audio or video equipment.

Not only does OC Electronics & Appliances install high-end home theater systems, but we also repair them. Call today to find out how much it would cost for us to fix yours.

When should you schedule home theater repair services?

Are you wondering if it's time to call an appliance repair company? You should contact OC Electronics & Appliances if you're dealing with:

Poor picture quality

Malfunctioning surround speakers

The sound not turning on

No signal from the home theater

A loud annoying hum

We can fix all these problems and likely help you even if your specific problem isn't listed. Reach out today to schedule your audio/video repair services.